RSCDS Cheltenham

A branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

First Meeting 6th September 

Open Evening 13th September

We are looking forward to seeing all our Members and welcoming New Members on both these evenings



Scottish Country Dancing for Friendship, Fun and Fitness

Our events range from afternoon family dances where everyone can join in to our more formal Annual Ball.

We can bring Scottish Country Dancing to you. We will entertain and there is always a chance to join in...

Our classes are very sociable evenings and aim to increase confidence and enjoyment of Scottish Country Dancing.

Zoom AGM 

First Meeting 6th September

Meet us on the Promenade

11th September

Open Evening 13th September

RSCDS Cheltenham is a registered charity but we are proud to be a branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance. As members of the Society we are part of the vibrant worldwide community which supports and develops Scottish Dance and Music. We are also part of an active local community of Scottish Country Dance Groups.


Click RSCDS to visit the Society website and find out more.

Scottish Country Dancing is a very sociable way to keep fit. We are a friendly group of Dancers who run weekly classes suitable for all abilities and organise a series of dances and other social events throughout the year.



You don't have to be Scottish!
             You don't need to wear a kilt!
                           You don't need to bring a partner!

If you would like to join us just bring a pair of soft shoes and a smile. We will provide the lively upbeat music.